Video card for dell m170

looking for a video card replacement for dell xps m170
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  1. Its a laptop if i am not wrong.. Video cards on laptops are generally not upgradable or changable.. If you need more performance then either buy a more powerful laptop or switch to a desktop for gaming..
    is that your system? well, that's a laptop. You can't upgrade it's video card. Sorry, buddy...
  3. Seriously dude, get some knowledge aboute Laptops or Computers before you reply, to someone who posesses this knowledge, you look kinda retarded!

    Of course you can upgrade it or buy a new (same) graphics card, the XPS series is known for having external video adapters, wish means you can open the laptop up and change the card, the M170 first series ran on 6800Ultra and the later series ran 7800gtx, you can probarbly put a stronger card in that baby nowdays, but remember to check Google for advice before purchase, some cards might not fit due to the difference in cooling systems on laptops, but mostly the older generation of cards ran pretty much the same coolers anyways. ( DONT BUY THE LATEST MOTHERF**KING CARD YOU CAN ) just check google for advices, mmkay? :)
  4. damn, im sober and i registred only to reply to a stupid reply.. what am i doing?!
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