Which Pen Tablet? - Wacom Bamboo vs I-Ball 8060U

Hey guys,
I need to buy a pen tablet.

My current options are Bamboo Pen [4 X 6 inches] vs. the I-ball Pen Tablet 8060U [8 X 6inches].

The Wacom Bamboo is smaller but has a bigger name in the market.
Is it worth spending the extra $20 [Rs.1000] on it?

Any other options I can get within $75 [Rs. 3500] max?

What do you recommend? Please help me out.
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  1. I didnt find many reviews on the i-ball. Thats usually not a good sign...
  2. i have purchase a pen tablet 8060u. and now i have the following problems ..

    A) the cordless mouse have no dongle with this pack , hence it is not working , i don't understand what for was it given ? cordless technology -i ball should have shame for producing such products ..

    B) USB systems are so ugly i have experience ever . it takes averagely 15 minutes or more to change the usb port to another and another.

    C) Sometimes tablet software are not working fine such as pen signer , pen mail etc ..

    Comment : I will never advice someone to buy this product from I Ball ..... as i think i am cheated by the company ....

    Rakes Prasad
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