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Hey there, I know little about computer hardware aside from the research I've been doing for the few past weeks, in preparation for picking out my first dedicated gaming rig. I've decided to go with NCIX, as I live in Vancouver and have heard good things about them. Paying online and picking up a custom but prebuilt system locally sounds like by far the best option. I'd like NCIX to build the tower for me as I'm not yet confident enough to put together a whole tower myself from spare parts, then doing the system configuration and installing the OS and such.

In any case, there's a bunch of prebuilt systems which can be tweaked and customized to you liking. I'd like to start with one of those, adding and taking away as needed. My budget is anywhere from $1000 to $1500, though my ideal price is somewhere around $1300. I need a complete new setup, including a mouse, monitor, and the works. I'd like a dedicated sound card as well. Does a new computer need speakers, or do monitors have on-board speakers? In any case, I have a pair of decent headphones already, which I can use to delay buying speakers if necessary. To any computer I'd also like to add the $15 Panda Antivirus, just because I do a lot of down and uploading from the internet.

Here are the links.

I'm eyeing the Vesta i5 3050 SLI Performance, just because it has dual GTX 460s and a gorgeous Fractal Design case for just under $1200. I'm not sure what difference it makes ordering a monitor, mouse, and keyboard in the limited selection of the PC order, as cheaper options can be had elsewhere on the site. Do what you need to for that part, I just need the actual computer constructed by NCIX. As always, price-matching may make all the difference.

I'm not a hardcore gamer. My previous computer experience to this has been shared family desktops or cheap student laptops, so I'm stoked for a dedicated gaming computer. The games I intend to play aren't too computer intensive...Civilization V, Mount & Blade Warband, Left 4 Dead 2...still, I'd like the freedom to turn things up to max and not worry about framerate, and the ability to play upcoming DX11 FPSs at highish settings.

So, I need your help. Pick me a system, tweak it to my budget, and insure I have a kick-ass set-up. I'll love you for it.
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  2. If you like that Vesta i5 3050, change the PSU to the Seasonic S12II 620W, for the monitor you can get the ASUS VH236H, HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 (500GB or 1TB) or Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA3 6GB/S, no keyboard or mouse (get them separately or buy them from a mall). No dedicated sound card. The monitor has some speakers, you can buy later something like this:

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