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I am building a New workstation computer for my home business. I have an existing hard drive installed with windows 7 32 bit that I will use in my new build.

I need some help to make sure all my parts will fit together and work properly, as well as any money saving tips. The system will be an AMD system, because I am trying to get the most bang for my buck and I have had good experiences with AMD in the past.

So heres my computer at the moment.


Antec 300 & 650 Earthwatts Power Supply $130

I am also considering the cheaper option

Coolermaster HAF 922 & Coolermaster GX 650 watts Power Supply $110


AMD 3.2 Phenom II x 4 & ASUS 790GX ATX Motherboard $220

I have a similar setup now in my current computer and so I figured I would stick with what I know. Open to suggestions though.


Sapphire ATI HD 5770 1 GB $125


Gskill 4Gb DDR 3 $87

DVD Drive $20

grand total after tax and shipping and rebates, just under $650

I just want to make sure everything will go to together okay and there will be enough power for the system. Plus if anyone can make any improvements to the system or have seen any better deals through combo's

I really wanted to keep it under 600, but I'm not sure I want to step down to the Athlon/less cores, cheaper motherboards, graphics card or less ram. The only place I can see any real savings is the case
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  1. All the part should work together.

    Stay with the Antec combo.

    No HDD???
  2. Its a workstation?

    1/ why use a noisy gaming case?
    Antec Sonata III
    case and psu for $110
    Quiet and cheaper

    2/ a gaming graphics card? .
    What for ?
    The onboard gfx on the 790G motherboard will be fine
  3. Well, the computer needs to have good graphics capabilities. I use various 3D CAD Programs that are very graphics intense as well as other picture creating software like Corel Draw. I will also be running a laser engraver off of it, so I want a good powerful machine that can run the laser and design work at the same time. I figured a decent gaming card should be fine, I don't want to spend the money for a REAL CAD card. The programs I use run fine on my 4870 I currently have.
  4. you will want windows 7 64 bit
  5. If you want a workstation GPU, the new Nvidia Quadro 600 is only $200 and runs on a Fermi chip. You could use the 4870 for your other standard applications/games.
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