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Hello forums, I finally built my first PC and the one thing I am lacking is an SSD for my BOOT drive as well as for some programs/games. I was looking into the Samsung 840 PRO 256GB, but I have noticed a lot of issues with it, and can't decide which would be best.

A few others I have looked at are the Kingston Hyperx 3K, Intel 520, Crucial M4, and Plextor M5P, but I still can't decide. I am looking for something over 240GB, and would preferrably like to avoid Sandforce if what I have heard about it is really true. If someone could clarify this it would be greatly appreciated.

So, which SSD would be good for everyday use, OS, and a few high intensity games like Crysis and Battlefield 3?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide as I plan on ordering tonight or in a day or two.

P.S. The Plextor M5P is $209 on Newegg but won't be back in stock until Weds. Also, I have to pay a tax because of where I live.
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  1. Hello, sorry to double post but I really need some input tonight please as I would like to order tomorrow morning and have it get here by the end of the week
  2. Sorry again, but I just found an 840 Pro 256GB on sale so I think I will jump on that before it goes out of stock, thanks to any readers of these posts.
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    Most SSDs are virtually the same for all intents and purposes- the 840 Pro is the best one on the market if the price is right.
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  5. The OCZ Vertex 4 is also an incredibly reliable drive, and is the best on the market in terms of value; it's somewhere around 10th fastest right now, but you can get insane deals on a sale.
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