Where Do I connect the USB Cord?

The USB cord on my case, where does it connect on my motherboard?

Heres a screen shot of the USB cord, and the usb connector, does it go there? http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/9268/rimg0024x.jpg

BECAUSE my motherboards instructions say "DO NOT PLUG the IEEE 1394 bracket (2X5-pin) cable into the USB header". I have no idea what that means.....

Well this usb cord that i am holding in the picture, I believe is a dual usb, as in its the cord for two usb slots in the exterior of my case I think? Its a nzxt phantom. So is that the slot where it goes?

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  1. Don't worry, that case doesn't have IEEE1394 on the top i/o area, just usb, esata, audio out and mic in.

    Your safe to connect that cable to any of the two blue usb square blocks on your motherboard
  2. Connect the USB cord you're holding into the USB Blue socket on the Mobo , make sure to match the pins.
    Yes, the cord you're holding is for the dual USB but so is the Mobosocket. SO you will get 2 USB sockets available don't worry.
    The cable you have in your hand is a 9 pin and so is the usb onboard so it's not the 2X5Pin thing..... just go ahead....
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