Can someone help me build a budget gaming pc

okay so something happened and the system i was going to build
i cant anymore, , my fault for choosing all combo deals on neweggs and waiting too long before buying
i need some help building a gaming pc
i already have
-antec 600 case
-antec 550 psu
-asus dvd writer
-seagate 500gb harddrive

i need to get the rest of the parts for under 350 maybe 400
my preffered site is newegg

please help me, id really appreciate it
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  1. Not sure what level of gaming your after but I found this on the Egg
    I wouldn't normally be posting a ddr2 build but as your build needs a gfx card as well, this was the best bundle they have to suit your $400, might get better parts seperately, see what others add later maybe?
  2. $390AR
  3. thanks guys
  4. any other suggestions would be appreciated
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