Adding a 2nd SSHD in 64b win 7 pro

I just installed an Intel series 520, 240 gig sshd in my dell m6500 as a 2nd drive.
I'm running Disk management, and can see the Disk 1, it is black and Unallocated.
I believe I need to format it and make NTFS
I right click on the Disk 1 but do not get the correct set of options. I get "Convert to Dynamic Disk.. etc instead of Format, etc
Any thots?
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  1. You're right-clicking the wrong item. Just click on unallocated space.
  2. Ah, so I do so as suggested and I get 5 or so options, mostly of the variant : "New Simple volume" and New Spanned volume, etc (altho they are all greyed out save "New Simple volume".

    Not the list of options that I want such as Format, etc.

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