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I'm hoping to build a pc sometime this year. I would like good sound quality because I will be gaming on it and listening to music. Would it be worth it buy a sub $100 sound card? Maybe something like this . I'm thinking about getting an amd 880g motherboard. I have a turtle beach earforce x1 headset. I also plan on buying a set of 2.1 speakers along with the computer.
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  1. For sub-$100, the kings of the mountain are teh ASUS Xonar D1/DX and HT Omega striker. At that price range, not much else is worth considering right now.
  2. To listen on a set of 2.1 speakers? (guessing <$50.) Just stay with onboard if you won't be using anything worth listening on.
  3. for 2.1, on board sound
  4. Not only that but I just checked and his earforce x1 headset uses USB. Its my understanding that USB headphones use their own built in "sound card" so it will bypass any you have. For USB headphones and a cheap 2.1 setup, I again urge onboard sound. You simply don't have the speakers for anything nicer.
  5. maybe the soundblaster audigy? around $30
  6. the x1 is only stereo, if u gonna stick with stereo, get a quality analogue headphones. then u may consider getting a soundcard.
  7. Cs342 said:
    maybe the soundblaster audigy? around $30

    Theres a reason for that price, you know...
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