New motherboard with same hard drive

im not sure if its in right thread....

i ordered new motherboard (gigabyte 990FX) with new CPU X4 phenom and 8gb DDR3 memory... will arrive on wednesday.

my system right now is single core with platinum K9A 690FX and DDR2 im going to replace/ upgrade to new motherboard/CPU/memory....

but the point im using same hard drive do i have to format/wipe for new motherboard? or just plug into new mobo and will it start up well?

what the steps i need to do..... hope it wont be too hard lol

thanks guys..
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  1. I recommend a fresh installation to avoid future driver issues.

    Insert window disk in dvd drive and select in bios dvd drive to boot, then follow the prompt. Dead easy, although things can go wrong, but usually they don't.
  2. Which Operating System and version are you using?
  3. You are going to need a 64-bit Operating system in order to access all 8GB of ram. If you are currently using a 32-bit OS, then you would need to do a clean install, and that means re-installing all of your applications.

    Also, if your new MB has a different chipset from your old MB, then a clean install would prevent any driver incompatibility issues.
  4. 32- bit windows 7 i will install 64-bit if i can get it.....

    so just simple..after i install all new parts and plugs in then start the computer and go to bootup setup and install fresh?
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