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I recently bought a Samsung 840 Pro MLC SSD 128gb. I am now considering buying another one so I will have enough room for all my games and programs.

What 128gb SSD would you recommend for about $100?

Which SSD would you recommend I install windows on and which should I install games on?
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    Get a Kingston HyperX 3K, great deal. Put Windows and as many games as you can on the 840 Pro and put the other games on the HyperX.
    Here's a link:
  2. I recently did what you're talking about. I previously was 1 SSD + 1 platter. I like having all programs and games on the 2 SSD's, and I really like how quickly they image. 2 120 GB ISO's sitting on the NAS ready to go if a drive fails is nice piece of mind.
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