Visiontek 5670 on gateway dx4200-09

having problems getting 5670 video card to work on my dx4200-09 gateway upgraded to 400w power supply have installed card multiple times (as directed by manufacturer) now however when i log into world of warcraft my fps is between 3 and 21 varying on player density where im at. could get 17-35fps with onboard ati 3200 graphics prior to attempting upgrade. when i open overdrive utility its says the gpu is at 0% returned everything to factory setting and now onboard gpu is giving 3-20 fps (usually 7-12) im lost brain hurts have about 20hrs in this could use some help under primary video controller in bios the setting is pci-gfxo-gpp-1gfx does this seem right any help would be greatly appreciated as ive tried all i can think of and get nothing but more frustrated by the hour ty in advance
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  1. It's a brand new card? If yes, RMA it, but try it in different PC first before you replace it...
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