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GTX 460 SLI Overclock?

Alright so i am new to the SLI field. I just purchased 2 Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb and put them into thiss

eVGA X58 SLI Mobo
i7 930 @ 4.0ghz
Mushkin Redline 6gb

Originally i had both cards at 825 Mhz overclock which is 110mhz over their stock which came at 715mhz. When i got to 850 Mhz the display driver crashed and recovered...i assume that means the overclock failed right? When i was trying to think back though i could have sworn i got my Single GTX 460 OVER 850 mhz and the question i have is, is there a lower cap for the SLI overclock as opposed to a single card?

And running this in SLI hitting around a max temp of 80C is okay right?
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    I don't know too much about SLI, but I think that when you set two or more cards up the clock speeds must be in sync. If one card can't handle 850MHz but the other can, the SLI won't accept 850MHz. You'll have to accept lower.

    And regarding the temperature, I assume that 80C is fine. The maximum operating temperature of a 460 is 104C, and having two cards with an OC will raise the maximum temperature above a single OC card.
  2. do it step by step. gpu overclock depends on the temp a lot (cooler card -> higher OC ). not all cards are the same, go ~5 Mhz increase step by step see what the limit of sli is.
  3. I would look into power supply.
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