Question about connecting Asus Ati Radeon HD 5870 v2

Question for anyone who has this exact same card. The card came with two cables so do I need both cables to connect the card to my PSU? Can I just use the cable with the molex heads and connect the PCI-E+2 from my PSU to the 2x4 on the card?
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  1. You should only need to connect the PCI-E connectors to the card. Only use the molex connectors if you have an older psu or not enough cables.
  2. I dont know if you have this card but it has two power connections. The other one is 2x3 and the other one is 2x4 so do I need to connect the psu power connectors to both of them? If so then I need to use the PCI-E+2 to the 2x4 and the separate cable with the molex's to the 2x3.
  3. Just because the dongles came with the cards doesnt mean that they have to be used. There should be two PCI-E 6 pin connection points at the rear of the card. Put two 6/8 pin PCI-E connectors into them from your PSU and you should be good to go
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