Gaming Rig - 5970 makes sense here?


I am trying to follow more or less what I have seen here, I don't really have a fix budget for it, however I don't want to exceed $600 for it the GPU.

My main question is around the GPU : Does it makes sense to take a the HIS 5970 now? I don't really want a SLI because of temp/power. My main use is BFBC2 and the upcoming new FPS games.

MOBO: Gigabyte X58 UD3R
CPU : Intel Core i7-950
GPU : HIS HD5970 2GB
DD: SSD OCZ Agility 2 60 GB
COOLING : Noctua NH-D14

What do you think of it? Is the memory OK ? Is the PSU not too big? Is the GPU the right choice?

Thank you
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  1. No no no no no. The new 6750 and the 6770 and the (maybe 6830) 6850 and 6870 will be coming soon.. the 67XX are coming october 15-20th and the other two and the rest of the series will be coming as time goes.. don't be fooled by the numbers.. the 6870 will compete with the 5970.. they have all been super boosted :)
  2. Man I run a 8800GTS right now... (and 15 FPS in BC2 lol) - I really need to upgrade soon :)
  3. Ati cards are'nt game changing they will be good but don't expect wonders from them. If you want power now a 460sli setup is around the best buy by quite a distance ATM. If you can wait though I think the 490gtx is much more promising than the ATI refreshes.

    edit: Neither the 460sli nor the 490gtx use too much power there are worlds of difference between them and the gf100 chips in the 470 and 480.
  4. No one even knows when the GTX 490 is scheduled to come out though.
  5. It doesn't matter what you are running now.. buying a 5XXX card now is a bad idea.. you can't wait until the 18th? Geez
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