Getting the right mat for my mouse

A while back I asked about the Mamba by Razer and I was sure it was my best bet, then people started talking about the Cyborg RAT 9.

Well after looking at both for a week, I have decided to stick with Razer (I have a headset made by them) and I like the quality, not to mention the prompt driver/firmware updates that address any problems.

The RAT 9 did look nice but I hear even without the weights it's a heavy mouse, the batteries aren't that user friendly for changing out. Not to mention the extremely low stock around the web.

So with my mind made up (funny last time I was looking for help I ended up picking the first thing I had a gut feeling about) I was wondering what the "right" mouse pad for the Mamba would be?

I know it's a laser mouse but I'm clueless as to what pad would work nicely with this mouse.
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  1. I'd take the Cyborg Rat 9 over the Razer Mamba any day...have you seen how customizable it is? And if you don't like the heavy weight of the Rat 9, which i doubt is that heavy to make a difference you can just get a Rat 7 which has no battery and weighs less, the battery is probably heavier than the all the addition weights. Either way, its so customizable. Weights, pinky rests, thumb rests, width, palm rests, angles, precision aim...etc.

    Razer Mamba is an impressive amount of features that make it stand out:
    Left Click
    Right Click
    Scroll Wheel
    Scroll Button
    Side Buttons

    ^All those outstanding features, no wonder the mouse costs 120bucks. OH I forgot, it even lights up blue and has a little snake drawn on it and glows in the dark. I don't understand how this mouse is so cheap for the awesome features it provides.

    No seriously, Rat 9 is actually worth its price.

    Anyway i'm done with the rant, now to answer your question:
    It depends on what you do to determine the mousepad. Are you a gamer? Or a editor for photos, CAD...etc like I am? There are mouse pads that are thin which provide a more consistent response to the mouse lazer and give a smooth surface or there are thicker mousepads which give more comfort to your wrist and forearm. Its all about a balance and choosing which one you want. If you dont do anything serious with your mouse you don't have to use a mousepad, lasers track on just about everything.
  2. I love your humor :D

    I do want wireless freedom, it is a must.
    So I have to get the RAT 9 if I do decide on it.
    I do like the idea of customizable parts, but I can see that the Mamba would fit my hand very well.
    I would gladly buy the RAT 9 if I could find a place that has it in stock (and not overpriced)
    I also heard the battery was hard to change out, but again reviews are mostly dumb so I imagine it's not difficult at all.

    I can't justify the 110$ price tag on the Mamba, but with the RAT 9 out of stock everywhere I don't really have another choice in the matter.

    EDIT: Almost forgot to help answer your follow up, I'm a gamer (I play a ton of FPS games but I do enjoy other types) I also use GFX programs like Photoshop (but it's for casual editing nothing professional)


    IF you really dont want the Rat 9 (Even though I recommend it highly) or can't get it and if wireless is a must then get the Logitech G700, a hell of a lot cheaper then the Mamba and has higher DPI, and looks more ergonomic also.
  4. Thanks for the info, and recommendation.

    I guess I can wait it out and grab the RAT but back to the original question.

    What mouse pad should I get for this mouse (or RAT)?
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    I saw your edit. Depending on your budget for this mousepad. You can go cheap and get a OCZ behemoth mouse pad which is what I got, its big, soft, and has a fine texture, i like it. Or you can get a Razer Goliathus Speed Edition/Control Edition. Use speed for gaming and control for photoshop. Or you can get one of those mousepads that are double sided with different textures on each side. Either way, i head razer makes the best mousemats/pads so look at those.
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