Do I need 16GB RAM With Win8 PRO for gaming??

Hey guys.

I will be doing mostly (90%) gaming on Windows 8 PRO. Do I need 16GB RAM or will Win8 PRO be okay with just 8GB RAM?

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  1. 8GB is enough.
  2. So what's the other 10%? If it's video editing or some sort of stuff along those lines you might as well as get 16gb because you never know when you might need it.
  3. The other 10% is sleep mode, lol. Thanks for the advice, dudes.
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    8GB is more than enough for current gaming, but who knows what the next big game will require in resources, go with 2x4GB sticks and then see if a upgrade justifies the cost, unless of course they are going dirt cheap.
  5. you could always use the extra ram for a "ramdisk". it is a virtual hard drive using youre ram to store data to speed up games and browsing. i dont like using for pagefile. asrock has a version called xfastram on high end mobo's too.
    4gb free version
  6. more memory please never hurts
  7. Personally I have a system with 8 and 16 gigabytes and neither has EVER run out of memory. 4 was kind of borderline under certain uses.

    They both have small 1.5 gigabyte ram drive for my web browser/cache(but saving/loading on startup/shutdown does take more time, so for some systems, this is a bad trade off. With one system on all the time, it works out very well.).

    For the price, I would generally get 16 gigabytes just because it does not cost much more and things take more and more memory as time passes(new programs are NOT getting more efficient on memory usage).
  8. 8 is plenty. I have 12 in mine, and rarely see usage go about %50.
  9. Lots going on here and only like 25% of memory use
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  11. Thanks, guys. Heroes you are. Saved me $50.
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