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Hellow world!

I'm trying to choose a case for a new pc I'm building when the sandy-bridge cpus and mbds come out. :D

Could anyone recommend a case for me?

1. less than $50
2. lots of filters(pc will be in dusty carpeted room :??: )
3. side panel window(to show-off :) )
4. lots of space inside(for graphics card)

here are 3 cases i looked at...
1. cm elite 430
2. xigmateck asgard 2
3. nzxt m59

the elite 430 i like best because it has all the needs i want and it looks decent. as an additional bonus its on sale for $30 at microcenter. the xigmatek as the stuff i want also except for the window. the nzxt has all the stuff plus more which i really like such as double ssd bay and an internal light but i read reviews saying the quality of the case was bad and the buttons and the materials were weak.

also, i want a case that i can show off! :D

does anybody know of a case that they know that i might like?
Any help will be appreciated!! :)
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  1. Hello Bear95

    I would have to say that realistically your needs outway your budget.
    If you want something with room, side window etc etc you need to spend some more.

    CM HAF932 / HAF-X
    Antec 900 / 1200

    You get what you pay for and if you want style and quality it will cost you more than $50, otherwise the 430 is ok.
  2. Actually the Antec 300 Illusion fits your needs pretty well as does the Coolermaster Haf 912.

    The Antec includes the fans and the fan filters and IMO looks better.
  3. I think bear95 researched well... the 430 is a very good case for your price range...
  4. hellow world!

    yes... i know that $50 won't give that much room for a nice case. but i tried looking at cases around that price. if i were to spend more money I would go for the 'storm scout! I like the look of that case! antec 300 i looked at before and i like it with all the preinstalled fans but it didn't have the side window like i wanted. i'm going to go to some stores and look for the nzxt m59 and see for myself the quality of it and see if its strong enough for me or not... cause i like all the features of it but the comments are making me warry :/

    thank you for all the replies!
  5. kk. I'm going to just go for the elite 430... thx everyone!
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