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Does the old Dell Dimension 5100 Bios (Pheonix A01 on a Dell-0J8885 Motherboard) support a dual core CPU? I would like to upgrade the cpu, but am unsure if the BIOS would recognize and be compatible with a dual core. There dont seem to be any recent BIOS updates offered by DELL, and I have never replaced a CPU/flashed the bios before so I am wary. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Should probably add that the specific CPU I would like to upgrade to is an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5500

    Am I just SOL and should look into getting a new motherboard?
  2. dell support -

    list of core 2 cpus

    psu calculator (very handy when upgrading components)

    A guide to installing a LGA775 socket cpu if that is what you have

    list of intel chipsets

    Everest home edition link (tells you about your hardware)

    Here is a few links I have found handy
    While you read thru them write down specific questions you have and post those questions on this thread
    I will then do my best to help :)
  3. Alot of those links we're pretty interesting and helpful to some extent but they don't really answer my question as to the software compatibility of my system with a dual core chip (the E5500 specificially). I know that the cpu socket is a LGA775 and thus the dual core CPU I selected will be fit into the motherboard, but I do not know if the BIOS on the motherboard support dual core CPUs since it is a rather old board and the BIOS have not been updated in a long time and DELL isnt offering any future updates.

    Any idea how I could go about finding this out without installing the CPU and seeing if the BIOS freak out on me?
  4. well take a look at this link:

    hope that link works- the dell support one on prior post didnt

    Let me try again

    The THG thread didnt %100 answer the question but it is some good info

    I will keep digging
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    Ok after some digging the best CPU that could POSSIBLY work
    is the Pentium 965 EE
    also look at this
    Or it looks like you can use a Pentium D (primitive dual core-two P4 cpus together on one chip essentially)

    this is a guide to installing LGA775 cpus

    I just did mine
    Went from a Pentium D 945 3.4ghz to a Core2Duo E4300 1.8ghz in a Dell Optiplex 745
    The C2D at 1.8ghz outperforms the 3.4ghz Pentium D

    I looked up the 5100 and WILL not do Core 2 Duos

    If you can find a Pentium D at a higher speed real CHEAP (no more than 30-40 USD)
    possibly on Ebay used with a good Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy (30 days is good)
    then go for it.

    Really should consider getting new system.

    I am on a TIGHT budget and picked up the Optiplex 745 for $75 USD used on Craigslist

    It now has E4300,2gb ram,250gb sata II HD,Sapphire 1gb 4650 video card for total cost of $135 USD.

    What I am saying is avoid putting too much into the 5100.
    If you want to upgrade dont go over $75 USD total or otherwise you can start to look around for used systems.
  6. Thank you very much for help, I'll look into seeing if I can find one of the Pentium D's at a higher speed for a reasonable price. I was afraid that it might indeed be the case that the 5100 would not support dual core CPUs.
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  8. Pentium D is dual core
    A high end Pent D is a decent chip for general computer work.
    Good luck
    Thank you for selecting me as best answer
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