So I recently replaced my CPU, RAM, and Mobo. However, I cheaped out on RAM and am starting to regret it now. Here is the list of things that I bought:

Mobo -

Others on this forum have expressed concern over the quality of RAM I bought. My motherboard reports it running at 1.5v, but the motherboard may be forcing this, so that could be causing issues.

The problem is that programs will randomly crash and close. After playing Bad Company 2, and Americas Army 3 for a certain amount of time(could be half an hour or two hours, has varied) they will either come up with "This program has stopped working" or it will simply close the program and quit to the desktop. The latest version of firefox will also randomly crash to the desktop.

When I first assembled the computer, for a while I was getting BSOD with messages like "IQRL not less or equal", which seems to be RAM related.

I should also not that I have my CPU overclocked to 4.2Ghz, but the temps never get higher than 60C full load(measured with Core Temp and HWMonitor).

So, does this sound like a RAM issue to you guys? If so, I'm prepared to order this:
Will that RAM work with my CPU and Mobo correctly?

Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated.
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  1. Yes it sounds completely like a ram issue. So it's generic ram??

    I mean without a make and model number to look up, who knows what the voltage is?? Ram is sooooo cheap I can't imagine someone buying a no name brand.

    I would suggest you contact MicroCenter and have them find out exactly what the voltage is for that memory before buying more ram, otherwise your just guessing and you may have some settings set incorrectly.

    I mean how MicroCenter can even sell ram and not list the voltage is beyond me. That's like selling a generic cpu and not listing what socket it is, therefore you don't know if you can even use it or not in your motherboard.

    Download cpu-z and post the memory tab for us to view.
  2. For $20 I can see where it might be a RAM issue...
  3. The RAM is manufactured by ADATA, I know that much. It's more of my fault than microcenter's. The sales man there suggested brand name kits to me while I was there but I chose to go with this since it was cheaper. He told me it was ADATA and would work, but isnt as good.

    In one of my threads in the CPU section, someone looked on ADATA's website and they list the voltages on their ram as 15V+/- .75V I believe. I'm on my laptop right now, but I remember CPU-Z reports it as running at 1.5V and so does my motherboard. However, like others have told me, the motherboard could be forcing the RAM to run at this, causing issues.

    So is the RAM I linked from a good choice and will it work and everything? I only have 32bit OS, but would you guys advise getting 8GB just for future proofing?

  4. You might need to increase the voltage. If you try this do it incrementally and test the system after each increase to be safe.
  5. I'm on my desktop right now, and CPU-Z is telling me that each stick is running at 1.5V. I honestly think I just went with cheap RAM and am paying to price. All the games I have tried randomly crash to the desktop after different amounts of time from 30min-2hrs, and skype and firefox will randomly close to. Don't forget the IQRL not less or equal BSOD's.

    Is there really anything else it could be besides RAM? Or should I just order some?
  6. I had the same irq blue screens with my cheap RAM. just try increasing the voltage in the BIOS to 1.6 or 1.65 and see if that works.

    If it doesn't work or you can't increase voltages in your BIOS then new, brand name RAM is the way to go.
  7. By the way, IRQ errors means there is a conflict somewhere on your setup. Sometimes I got the IRQ blue screens after a new driver was installed.
  8. I heard that when running RAM with Sandy Bridge CPU's, it is strongly advised to run RAM that is only 1.5V or lower?
  9. Yes. Sandy Bridge CPUs are designed for 1.5v RAM. That doesn't mean you can't get them to work with 1.65v RAM (I'm sure many enthusiasts do). Luck is unfortunately a large factor in computers. Raising the voltage to 1.65v shouldn't cause any damage. I suggest you try it but its up to you.
  10. 32 bit windows can only support 4 gb of ram.
  11. 32 bit windows doesn't normally crash from having more RAM it just doesn't let you use it.

    You almost certainly need to increase the RAM voltage or just get new RAM. You can get quality 4GB kits for under $40.
  12. Well is the one I linked on newegg sufficient? I realize only 4gb is used, but I may eventually get 64bit os.

    I havnt gotten that bsod since driver and windows update, so I guess that was driver related.

    But with all the crashing I have, I just thought getting actual quality ram would fix it if it does indeed sound like a ram issue.
  13. Less than 4GB is used on a 32 bit system. your motherboard maxes out at 4GB. Higher quality RAM is more stable.

    If you are working with what you have right now than an upgrade is unnecessary. If you are having problems then you should look into what I linked you.

    There is no way for me to know exactly what the problems are if I'm not there to inspect the computer.

    If I'm still missing something then please say so.
  14. According to micro centers website my mobo supports 32gb. If I buy 2 2gb sticks to replace what I have right now, is it possible to later on buy the same exact stick again so I have 4 2gb sticks making 8th or is it required to use 2 4gb sticks?
  15. trogdor796 said:
    I heard that when running RAM with Sandy Bridge CPU's, it is strongly advised to run RAM that is only 1.5V or lower?

    Yes 1.5v or lower.

    The ram you linked is perfect, but why buy new ram when you can just return your defective ram to Microcenter and get something else with your credit??
  16. Micro center is a long drive(45min to an hour). I know I will be back there eventually, so i will just return the ram then and get something else with the credit.

    So if I get what I linked, would I be able to buy the same exact sticks again later to have 8gb total?
  17. Anyone?
  18. It's so dirt cheap, why not just buy 8gb now?

    No one can tell you for sure if they will be available "later", because we have no idea what you mean by later.
  19. Ah, I see. Never though about that.

    So this will do? The reviews all look good. And it's 1.5V, so it will work with my 2500k, and be fine that it's OC to 4.2Ghz? Also, I heard that I may want RAM to support XMP(extreme memory profiles) or something like that. Is that important and does the RAM I linked support it?

    Thanks for all the help so far.
  20. Anybody? I'd like to order this today if possible to get it soon.
  21. Best answer
    Yes it's fine. Order it.

    The ram has no effect on overclocking your cpu whatsoever.

    Just remember, you MAY have to manually set the speed, voltage and timings in the bios, it might default to 1333mhz.
  22. Okay, I'll order it. Is there a guide somewhere to setting that stuff? I've been in bios before to Oc cpu's and set boot priorities, I just want to make sure I get it right.
  23. Okay, sorry, but one more question. What is the difference between these :

    the second says it's compatible with Z68 and P67 and Intel XMP certified, does that mean the first one isn't?
  24. Need to order soon please!
  25. Sorry for quad-post, but I'd really like to get this ordered.
  26. What's the problem??

    How many times do I have to post and tell you to buy it?
  27. Well you can see there is two links I posted, I was simply wondering what the difference is between the two and which you would recommend.
  28. The difference is one has a larger heatsink.
  29. Alright, thank you.
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