Pen drive not detected in any computer

mine is 8 GB Hp pendrive. It is not at all detected. Please help me with the solution to
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  1. We do not provide help by email as that would defeat the whole point of having a forum. You are also inviting more junk mail by posting your email address where anyone can see it. Please visit the forum to see replies to your posts.

    Throw the pen drive away as it is faulty. Buy a new one.
  2. try this:
    it really does work sometimes.
  3. Have you stored some important data on this drive?
    Your best bet is to ask a specialist for help, if you do store something important there.
    If there is nothing important, you'd better buy a new one.
  4. Normally when a drive fails like this, it is because it is a fake drive and you have written more data than its true capacity to it.
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