AMD 6 core Processor Supporting Motherboards

I am planning to buy AMD 6 core Processor.

Can you guide us,
i)which Fan can I buy so tht in future it shd not create FAN issues internally and also Externally?

ii)also SMPS which supports 6 core Processor like Watts,Company..Guide me

iii)also MotherBoard -->Gigabyte which model would be better?
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  1. i) for that ill need your computer specs.
    ii)if you mean a power supply then go for the Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W this also depends on the rest of your build.
    iii) here are trusted motherboard manufactures ASUS, ABIT, MSI, XFX, EVGA this depends on your price range and build.
  2. Computer Specification are

    Planning for AMD 6 core Processor Black Edition -->1090T
    8 GB RAM (DDR3)
    MotherBoard --> probably Gigabyte

    1.3 TB Hard Disk
    Zebonics Cabinet
    1GB ATI Radeio Graphics Card HD 5450 Series

    Require information on

    1.FAN or Fan Cooler whcih supports Zebronics Cabinet?
    2.SMPS Watts ?
    3.Gigabyte Model ?
  3. the amd CPU's come with a fan. you won't need an aftermarket one unless you're overclocking .I also don't know how much you're going to spend on the motherboard
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