Was gonna use Acronis to backup stuff but....

... I came across this while looking into the software.

Is any of it true, and is it something to consider and be worried about?

If ever so, anyone suggest other programs for this purpose?
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  1. I don´tcare. I use Drive Image xml or Windows7 backup.

    You can easily make an image of your system with these.
    The only thing you have to consider is that the partition (not the harddisk size) of the image has to be equal or less in size than the partition, where you later want to restore it.
  2. I've used True Image 9, True Image 2009, and Tru Image 2012. I've never had any of these problems. In fact, I was having dvd burner issues last week and checked my upperfilters and lowerfilters in the registry. There were none at all, so either that user had a really old edition of true image or some other program put filters in. True Image does install a few device drivers, but they always get removed when the program uninstalls.

    I will say that I've never used true image's "secure zone" feature because I don't like 3rd party programs messing with my partitions, especially the boot partitions. I only use it for scheduled backups and restores and it works flawlessly for those. Also, I was using a RAID 1 boot array back when I had true image 9 and it detected and backed it up properly.

    I'm not saying true image is for everyone, just that I have never run into these issues before.
  3. I used to use TIH. It was a mess.

    Macrium reflect is a great program. I have performed dozens of image restores with it without an issue. There is a pretty much fully functional free version.

  4. redtailed said:
    I used to use TIH. It was a mess.

    Macrium reflect is a great program. I have performed dozens of image restores with it without an issue. There is a pretty much fully functional free version.


    The thing I don't like about macrium's reflect is it can't do simple file backups, only image a partition or drive. I know you can mount the image to get access to individual files, but a file backup makes it easy to restore to multiple directories/drives.

    Also, what version of true image did you use?
  5. Several, but it was a while back 9-11 I believe. One thing I also didn't like was they kept changing the UI every release and it just kept getting worse - the only thing I used it for in the end was cloning.

    If you have fast hardware an image only takes around 10 minutes with macrium.

    You can use the built in Windows backup for simple file backups otherwise.

    For data Microsoft Synctoy is good.
  6. Thanks for all the insight, guys.

    My original question wasn't directly answered, but judging from the replies, I think I'll pass out on Acronis.

    It all comes down now to either True Image and Macrium Reflect.

    I like how there seems to be more features and whatnot on True Image, but is there a significant difference between 9, 2009, and 2012?

    As for Macrium, I like how it apparently only takes a short time to do the job with fast hardware. My system currently has an i7-3770k and 8gb 1600MHz of RAM, so I assume that would be more than adequate.
  7. I image an SSD to a pretty fast hard disk. I get about 900 Mbit-1 Gb/s.

    But Macrium is free and you can try it on your system.
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    I've never seen macrium image a drive in 10 minutes unless the drive you are backing up is small. A 1TB drive or larger will take significantly more time.

    Also, True Image Home IS ACRONIS, which is what you asked about, correct? New versions added a few new features including the non-stop backup and try before you decide features. You'll want at least true Image 2012 as that supports the new advanced format drives. the "plus pack" also allows it to backup/restore GPT partitioned disks (drives over 2.2TB).

    I'm not pushing True Image. It's just that I've used both macrium reflect and True Image and I prefer True Image. use what best fits your wallet and your conscience.
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