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I was wondering if I needed to upgrade my CPU to a new AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition @ 3.4Ghz. I currently have the AMD Athlon II x4 630 @ 2.8GHz. I don't know how to overclock or none of that fancy computer stuff as I am a novice. :D I'm already going to get a new PSU ( ) and a new GPU, so I thought what about my CPU? I'm going to need some advice on my GPU first...



Are they all the same? Can someone point me to the right direction :D I don't know anything about nVidia, but if theres a better nVidia than a Radeon feel free to tell me. :)
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  1. Your buying a very nice PSU. I bite my lip as I say this, but maybe too nice for your needs. It depends on how much a budget you are on. If you could bump up your cpu just a little to about 3.0 GHz, you would be fine. I think you would be better served budgeting a little more in a better GPU and a little lees in a PSU.

    What is your budget?..... And what do you use your computer for mostly? Lastly, what resolution is your monitor?
  2. Hmmm... I guess $300. I play cs:s alot but I have a lot of other games that i can't play. (L4D2, GTA IV, NFS: HP, MoH) Some school work and I'm between casual and semi-hardcore gamer... maybe 1-3 hours a day? 1600x900 20" :(
  3. Spend some money on a good heatsink and overclock it a bit. Its not that hard to learn how :). You can go with water cooling... If you want to OC alot.. However, I'm not sure if xigmateks dark knight covers and. If it does, get that and do a small OC.
  4. Whoops spell check changed amd to and.
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