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Hello again. Now that i have my new Graphics card installed, (HD 4870) I have been messing with a few new programs like FurMark, GPU-Z, etc etc. I have noticed my GPU clock is at 200mhz and the memory clock is at 500mhz. This is way lower than it is supposed to be. Some people say (Yes i did a bit of research, to no avail) that those are the '2d' clocks and that they will go up once you open a 3d application like a game.

I open up Crysis (Sandbox 2) and GPU-Z, run it in windowed mode so i can see the two side by side and the clocks stay the same old 200mhz/500mhz. Is this normal? If not, what would be the reasoning?

Also, I have run FurMark and the clocks also stay the same 200mhz/500mhz during tests. I have also checked out the ATI Overdrive tool a little, not much though and i haven't changed anything. Once i try out the Auto Tune feature, my whole screen turns into some rainbow color row of lines. Is that normal?

Sorry for being a newbie. :)

Thanks for any info.

Specs for reference:

Amd Athlon II x4 620 @ 3.2ghz

2g ddr2

HIS HD 4870 512mb

Corsair 650wTX

1600x900 20 inch monitor
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  1. I downloaded MSI Afterburner. I opened the file named MSIAfterburner cfg with Notepad. Changed the 0 to a 1, saved it. What file extension are you talking about? I'm Kinda lost.

    It won't even let me go above 350 for the GPU clock and 650 for the memory clock on MSI Afterburner.
  2. I can't even get it close to stock speeds without freezing up or crashing. I don't even have the option to overclock it to stock speeds. I literally had to reboot, underclock it back down to 200/500 just to be stable. I am so confused.
  3. I upped it to 750/900 as GPU-Z suggests is the default clock and i get a black screen, then this pops up.

  4. Yea i'm using 10.7 Would 10.3 change anything?

    Here is a screen of ATI Overdrive while FurMark was running.

  5. I have done that. It will be fine untill i start a 3d application. It will freeze, black screen, then give that error message i posted above. I will try to find 10.3
  6. Now using 10.3

    The card still wants to run at 200/500 no matter what i throw at it. I don't know dude....

    This is lame.
  7. I clocked it up to 750/890 with Overdrive. Haven't got that black screen yet but it is still reading 500/500 in FurMark. I really really do not want to tweak the bios on the card, as i might mess something up. Are you sure that's my only option? Also, FurMark is saying Power Consumption for the card during the stability test is 17w. There has got to be something wrong.
  8. dipankar, please use proper English so everyone can understand.

    Mileylol: I think there is either something wrong with clock readers or the card. If your card is still under warranty, I suggest contacting with the manufacturer. Do not modify BIOS, as dipankar suggests, as that will void your warranty.
  9. Ok yea i didn't mess with the Bios. I am still using 10.3 Catalyst. My clocks will be at 200/500 when doing nothing at all then when i play WoW they jump up to 750/900. I can tell because i am using RivaTuner to display my clocks OSD in game.

    What i don't get is that the clocks are fine in WoW, but in FurMark, they stay at 200/500. Why would my clocks go up to 750/900 in WoW but stay at 2d clocks while running FurMark? Any ideas?

    I sent the support email, no dice on that yet.
  10. imo, if that card is working fine under "real" gaming condition leave it as it is.
  11. Sounds like Furmark isn't being recognized as a 3D device and its staying at 2D clocks and not upping to 3D clocks.

    I'm not sure if you can do this with Catalyst (I know you can with Nvidia Control Panal), but there might be a way to turn off power savings mode to have 3D clocks all the time.

    Just something to look into.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I think i have this under control. For now at least. I was reading somewhere and this guy was saying that the clocks would never go up to 3d clocks in a windowed environment. That would probably explain why WoW would activate my 3d clocks and FurMark wouldn't. There was a check box on FurMark i did not have checked; 'Displacement Mapping' or 'FullScreen' not sure which one it was, they both weren't checked. Now that it is checked, FurMark is no longer in window mode.

    Rivatuner OSD tells me while in FurMark 750/900 now. FurMark itself on the other hand still shows 200/500. I'm not sure why but RivaTuner shows my current clocks at 750/900 while gaming or in a 3d environment like FurMark while all other clock sensors tell me otherwise. I even did a benchmark, posted my results online and it said my clocks were 200/500.

    As long as RivaTuner OSD tells me i am at 750/900 while gaming, i am happy. All the other sensors must be bugged out.
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