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This is a little work i have done over what the next gen console's will use as CPU's (PS4/XBOX720?/WII2?)

After the failure of Intel and Sony with Larrabee (or so they say) I would put my money on IBM PowerPC A2 16 core processor, who knows? Cell is simply stunning but I doubt they will use the 32 SPU version as its still very difficult to program for.

16 cores for massive multi-tasking.
Low Watt version exists.

Will be Expensive
Low Watt = Underclocked compared to original.

High chance it will use AMD fusion CPU. The xenon isn't what I would call.... great but it gets the job done. no more IBM next time?

Integrated GPU.

Could turn out to be crap.

Could end up being the CELL broadband engine or another last gen PowerPC (this gen right now)

Very Cheap.

Last generation.
CELL is a *****

Any case, what's your thoughts?
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  1. Sony will proabably stick with the Cell chip, now that people are starting to learn how to unlock its potential. In reality, I don't see a PS4 for a while yet, as the PS3 isn't tapped yet.

    The 360 will probably stay with some form of X86 processor. Really, think of a dedicated gaming PC, thats what I expect the next xbox to be.

    As for nintendo, the Wii was nothing more then a gamecube with motion controls. The Wii2 will be nothing more then the Wii with 3d/HD.
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