Unmountable boot volume bsod (no windows cd)

Hello, I've been helping my room mate with his labtop for the last couple days, he has the unmountable boot volume bsod. From what I understand this is a bad hard drive, but can be fixed by running chkdsk in cmd prompt? Since we dont have his original disk, i used "hiren's boot disk" to get his computer running, and i ran chkdsk and it looked like everything was fine. Maybe I'm not running the command properly and I was wondering if anyone could help out. I have read many other threads about this issue, but most people have had their own windows cd to boot from- the only thread I found where someone did not have the boot CD, he was a total jerk and did not take any of the help offered, so I don't know what to do next. Thanks for any help offered

He has a sony vaio, we also tried resetting BIOS to default values. We actually got it to work last night by repeatedly selecting "start windows normally"
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    If it is Windows 7, just download a legit iso image that is the same as what his laptop uses from DIGITAL RIVER and a do a startup repair, or use his authentication key from the sticker on the laptop to do REPAIR INSTALL or a clean install.

    Of course, this assumes that the drive actually is okay, if not replace it and do a clean install.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'll probably hit you up for best answer, today while I was at work he sat and tried to get the repair to work from the "windows failed to load" screen repeatedly (hasn't been working) and it finally worked... he's at work now, but we will see if it's actually fixed in the next day or so. I was hinting that the hd may be bad and he may need to replace it.. we shall see
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