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Hello, I have been at this for a few days now. I was a PC enthusiast for years until I switched over to Mac, mostly for college and work. I just recently built a new Win8 PC and am starting to move everything back over from Mac. Now I have run into some serious trouble concerning external data. I have a 1TB Lacie d2 external that is full of all kinds of project work and media. I initially tried to bring it up in Windows 8 and had to initialize it. Of my own fault, I did and it created the MBR partition, which now made the drive useless on both machines. I was able to locate the original Mac HFS partition and recover it on my Mac. So, I began to recover the media onto a WD 500gb external that was formatted to exFAT that I know USED to work on Windows. After filling that drive, I tried to load it on the Windows machine, still no luck.

After this long winded explanation I really just need to find out what steps I can take to get this media over to Windows. I have enough local storage that Windows is already using that will eventually hold the media until I can properly format the original Lacie drive, but the process just seems so backwards to me. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
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  1. try formatting a external drive to fat32
  2. "After filling that drive, I tried to load it on the Windows machine, still no luck"

    Windows 8 does indeed support exFAT but only for external hard drives connected by USB.
    If your setup already meets those requirements I'm afraid I'm as stumped as you are.
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