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hello all
i need help with getting a power supply for my sound card ( i know my mobo has one but it sucks and it doesnt work with windows 7 64bit) also is my case is good or should i go full tower with the haf 942?
heres the list link

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  1. A sound card doesn't require it's own PSU, and the Mobo's onboard sound works fine with win 7...

    I'd recommend swapping mobo to a GA x58-ud3r or asus p6x58D-E.

    Swap RAM to a g skill Pi 6 gb DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 kit. Cheaper and better specs.

    Swap HD to a spinpoint F3 1Tb, which is cheaper and faster.

    Monitor is basically same as this one, which is cheaper

    Best performance/dollar PSU is a xfx 650. $60 after rebate. It'll run SLI 460's.

    However, you could also pick up the XFX 750 BE $115 after rebate

    Case is fine. I'd personally go with the $90 HAF 922 if you want lots of cooling and space.
  2. i dont think you saw my sound card
    it was on the list and it yes it need power if you look at the images
    heard it goes great with both gaming and music! and my mobo it doesn't have a on board its comes with a regular one but it doesnt do so well with 64bit windows 7 (in the reviews) but it seems a different mobo would be better just as long it support 2 dual slot cards and my pci card. would the ASUS u have suggested worked?
  3. I like the specs of the ASUS Sabertooth x58 for the price of $200.

    New motherboards with new drivers should be fine with windows 7.

    Thats $500 on the speakers/sound card. I am happy gaming with a $10 headset with built in mic using onboard sound. I hope you are using the PC for music production and/or a home theater and not just gaming.
  4. (sigh) I just said i need music is my last post.... well guys i need the help to make sure if one of power supplies banthracis suggested will work and i know about the sabertooth but i saw the layout for pci slot and im sure it wont have a spot as the dual 46o's take 2 slots.
  5. Don_Dana said:
    (sigh) I just said i need music is my last post...
    (sigh) "need music" means what? Do you listen to music or you are using it as a sound production studio?

    You will probably have to move up to more expensive motherboards to get one that will hold two graphics cards and that sound card. I dont see any specs about needing extra power for that sound card anywhere. It must not be as much as graphics cards or they would have to tell you. A good quality 750W, or 850W if you want to be safe, would be a good idea. XfX has both, so does Seasonic if you dont like the XfX colors.

    The storm sniper is wide and has a huge side fan. I dont see any reason it wont be as good as any other case for you.
  6. wrong section i meant new build if one of mods could please lock this thread i post this in the new build section guys
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