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I recently build myself a new pc, so wanted to get my data from one computer to another.

What I did Is I hooked up my 3rd Hard drive to my old PC in order to duplicate the data, yet now my data disk and my 3rd disk disappeared I cant even find the in the Hard drive manager and I would really like those files, any ideas on how to fix this forum?

My C disk however still works fine and carries on like nothing has happened.

Or might there be an option of cloning data from an uninstalled disk?

Yours sincerely Ruud
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  1. And to be thorough, The only thing I did was disconnect the cable attached to my CD-driver and hook those very Sata connectors to my new Harddrive.
    Did I mess up? or just something odd?

    I have a homebuilt computer with a Asus Rampage formula 1, motherboard, an OCZ 500 Watt energy supply ( type I would have to look up), Processor I would have to look up, but wouldnt expect it to have to do with the situation at hand.

    Yours sincerely
    In dire need
  2. check to see that none of the connectors snapped on you. i seen that happen that the data connectors are forced and they snap or the power plugs snap. each drive needs two cables a data and power. if they both have them and there on ok check to see what port on the mb there plugged into. sometimes windows can glitch use windows disk tools and see if the new drives need to have a drive letter to make them show up in windows. the new drive is going to need to be formated..the tools are in windows.
  3. None of the Connectors snapped on me, and everything is still connected, apart from the CD-rod driver which I remove I also removed the 3rd harddisk and sourced a external usb hard disk for transfering the files,

    My only objective now is getting back my Data Disk, which I installed before as Disk T ( I know perhaps an odd choice but it sounded like a good idea in the past) But this very disk does no longer appear in windows explorer nor does it give a reading in the HDD manager window. it however is spinning as is noticable by the disk vibrating, cause by of course a spinning Harddisk inside, I am using a Western Digital Caviar Black for my C disk, and a Caviar Green Disk as my Data Disk. The Caviar Green is the one which is not responding.

    Or might you guys know another way to get my data of of my non responding hard disk atm, that would be fine as well. as I just want the data for now.

    Yours sincerely Ruud
  4. I finally decided to reconnect the motherboard end of the Sata Cable to another port on the Motherboard, after some advice of a good friend and Presto, My Disk was back, now slowly but surely get everything backed up to a external hardrive and we are in the clear.

    Thanks for the help anyways Forum
    Yours sincerely Ruud
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