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What size PSU is required with the SAPPHIRE HD 4650 1GB DDR2 AGP? Is a 400 Watt PSU enough to power this card and the rest of the system or do I need to buy something bigger like a 650 Watt PSU?
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  1. what is "the rest of the system"? but i doubt u will need more than 400W with an agp build.
  2. If you are planning to upgrade your rig in the near future then i would say go for the 650W. Then you wont have to buy a new PSU then. Otherwise, the Corsair CX400W is a nice choice and would handle your needs quite well. HD4650 is a very low power consuming card.
  3. A 400w PSU is sufficient to run your system. I would however like to know your full system stats to confirm this.

    And inline with what hell-storm said, If your planning on upgrading in the near future get a 650 ~ 850w PSU so you can SLi if needed, or atleast to support a GTX 480 or similar(AKA Power hungry cards) if need be in the future
  4. Unless the rest of your system is something crazy a 400w should easily handle an HD4650.
  5. Hi Guys! Thanks for all the replies! Much appreciated! Not running a very powerful system. Herewith specs from EVEREST:

    Intel Pentium 4, 2400 MHz
    3072 MB (DDR SDRAM)
    2 x SATA Drives

    Will CPU strength be ok?
  6. You are unlikely to have issues with the PSU you spec'ed.
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  8. What CPU's can I look at that will be compatible with this board?
  9. You never said your motherboard but considering you have a P4 it is actually rather unlikely you can upgrade the CPU to a current processor. Perhaps a Pentium D but I wouldn't say it is worth it.
    What you can actually do though is replace the motherboard/cpu/ram and it doesn't have to cost that much;
    That's $149 shipped. The processor is a x3 but it is really a quad core with one of the processors locked. The motherboard can be used to unlock the fourth core. It isn't guaranteed to work but the odds are very good(80-90%.) That's 2 gigs of ram but 4 would be optimal. 2 will get you by for now but if you can afford more than I would recommend one of these;
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