NEW sony vaio crashing continuously

Hi all!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing start to the new year!!!

I have a SOny laptop and every time i run dawn of war 2, it crashes. Here is a few latest BSOD error reports. I also have a minidump file, but im not exactly sure as to how to put the file on this thread

here are my bsod's tho,

any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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  1. CPU overheating, memory failing, HDD errors.

    Check temps under load, run OCCT, download the drive test sofware for your HDD and run it.
  2. yea it usually happens like over an hour into the game so u think its an overheating issue?

    what is occt?
  3. A stress tester that targets cpu and ram.

    You need to monitor your cpu temps while its running with HWmonitor, Realtemp (Intel).

    You may need to re-apply the thermal paste on your cpu or your gpu might be heating up.

    Check around the fan inlet and outlets for a build up of dust and fluff blocking airflow.

    Download and run 3d Mark to test your gpu and ram also along with the HDD test to eliminate that.
  4. I thought about that but it is a laptop and i think id void the warrentee if i took it apart and added thermal paste :(
  5. Check your temps 1st, if its under warranty it shouldn't be overheating.

    Check your HDD and air vents, you should be able to take the back panels off without voiding the warranty, depends what you can access from the back but you may see something obvious like a clump of dust.
  6. yea i just got it a few weeks ago, but it is a 740 qm i7 processor, so perhaps after 1.5 hrs of dow 2 it overheats ?

    im installing occt now
  7. That BCCode: 116 you're getting is a VIDEO_TDR_ERROR

    It "indicates that an attempt to reset the display driver and recover from a timeout failed."

    Monitor your laptop's graphics card temperature to make sure it's not overheating. Make sure the vents are not obstructed.
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