Troubleshoot: Insta-Off after On with Old components New Build

Problems is in the title - I threw together a build with old computer components. When I press the button to power it on, it does for a second or so, fan spins up drives on etc, and powers off. Problem occurs with any one of 3 DDR2 667 ram modules I install.

With all ram removed the computer remains on.

Any pointers on where to start the troubleshoot? I get the feeling (subconscious memory) of this being a really common problem that I have fixed a dozen times but I cannot remember the solution to.

Any links to appropriate guides which my search skills failed to find would be appreciated as well.

Build is BIOSTAR P4M900-M4, Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ HT (Prescott or something,) budget DDR2 677 1gb sticks that resided in an ACER PC for a while, and 2 WD 250 Cav IDE'S with Sata adapters which will be raid 0'd if build succeeds. and an Radeon HD 2400 from the ACER system. Still worth slightly than the sum of its minerals less recycling costs? IDK.

I could also test with an Asus ATI EH5450 silent or even yank out my 5870 - ok not worth it and would require PSU swap...

Off-topic: This is the result of me clearing out a couple bins of old hardware to see what works.

Is there a market (i.e. nostalgia hobbyist, collector MUSEUM??? :na: ) for anything from old ISA (ye olde PCI) cards to early 2000's era budget mainboards and 4-5 GPUs spanning those decades? 2 GB -15 GB hardrives, SDRAM, or DDR and other stuff too... Or are they gifts for the gold digging recycler man? At least I got case-screws.
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  1. A P4 is enough to power a small Linux server, or even a box running freeNAS.
  2. Well, the last several times I've come across similar issues as this it was on modern computer hardware and I was able to solve them by clearing CMOS. These would actually run for a second, then turn off for a second and come back on. Just a neverending cycle if I didn't intervene. It was technically a reboot I guess, but it just felt different at the time. You could try it, maybe it'll help.
  3. No joy but thanks anyway.
    Further symptoms: After power shuts off on its own, the computer will not turn back on unless the power supply is switched off for a 5 seconds or more and switched back on,
    There are no beep codes given but the board will beep when for when the ram is not present.
  4. I would test with 800Mhz RAM modules.
    Also, would it beep when graphics card is present?
    If it won't boot with other RAM speeds, or not beep without a graphics card, could mean the motherboard isn't good.
  5. Why 800mhz ram? Board has worked before with the lower speed and its all I have handy atm.
    The board has integrated graphics as well as GPU so that probably explain why it does not beep without a GPU present.
  6. Solved. Sort of. Swapped PSU. 30 more watts. Works.
    Maybe finickity power switch...
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