Installing working windows hdd into new notebook

I have 2 dell notebooks. One new (dell latitude e6530) and a 3 year old (dell precision M6300).

I have an ssd (samsung) installed and running on win8 in the dell precision. Everything is fine.

I have a new, standard win7 installation in the dell latitude. Everything also running smoothly.

Now, because I do not want to reinstall all programms, I want to to simply put the ssd from the dell precision into the dell latitude. (This worked with an asus 2 weeks ago).

However, after inserting the ssd into the dell latitude, it says that he cannot find the hard drive. I tried all possible settings in the bios to fix this (uefi, legicy, sata settings, secure boot), but he still does not find the hdd.

What am I missing? Is there anything else I can try? Formatting of the hard drives?

Btw: Both harddrives have an oem partition.

Any help would really save my day :)

thx, andrej
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  1. Did you plug in both SATA and power connectors?
    Transferring your HDDs around like that will deactivate your Windows.
  2. it is a one-slot thing. You just slide in the hdd. So yes, sata and power are connected.

    And yes, I know about the deactivation. You just have to call Microsoft to reactivate.
  3. Hello I have same problem have you solved it yet ?
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