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Hi everybody
I want to upgrade my CPU from athlon x2 255 to phenom II x4 955 and I have few questions before to do so. I've looked up for CPU support list provided to my motherboard (it's ASUS M4N68T V2) and it does support phenom II x4 955.

Do I have to reformat and reinstall a new fresh OS after I replace the CPU?
After I replace the CPU, do I just need to turn on the PC and it'll automatically recognize the new CPU without extra step (like set up BIOS)? If I need to change BIOS, what should I look for?

Thank you
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    Hello, no you shouldn't need to change anything provided that you have the latest bios that supports that particular CPU installed. BIOS should detect new CPU automatically and adjusts multipliers voltage etc automatically...
  2. Agreed, if the board supports it, just plug it in. No need to reinstall anything.
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