Could the content be on my micro SD be corrupted?

How can I delete files which keep on resurrecting whenever I delete then on my 8GB ADATA micro SD memory card. My Win 7 Ultimate 64- bit OS cannot complete the formatting either. What possible method can I use? I am loosing hope because even my N2700c-2 Nokia cannot successfully format the card. What's worse is that I cannot add or delete any data content on tis card. Will appreciate if you could help me in any way.
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  1. Yes, memory cards can become corrupt, and even though Windows will often offer to repair it for you and tell you it's been repaired, it will just corrupt again next time you try to use it. When that happens I just throw the card away and buy a new one. There's no point struggling with (or trusting) a card like that.
  2. In your case, I also agree with phi22.
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