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Need help deciding on graphics card :(

hey all!

my comp has been for like 4 years alr so i was thinking of upgrading my graphics so i can support games like starcraft 2 at ultra settings without problems or lags :x seems a bit too much but i'm financially tight :x

my current comp specs:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66Ghz
Current graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE
Display: 1600 x 900 (32-bit) (75Hz)

so yeah i was looking for sth like a nvidia card and i'm considering the GTX 260 (cheaper) and the GTX 460 (quite expensive in my region) i dont overclock my CPU nor GPU cause i'm not really good at it so yeah.. What do you guys think? other suggestions for graphics cards are welcomed :D i just wanna support the newer games at their better settings :) hopefully starcraft 2 at ultra :bounce: THANKS IN ADVANCE :D
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  1. What is your region and out of the two you selected, i would say GTX460 is definitely a way better option than the GTX260. But before that would like to know what PSU you have (brand and rating)?
  2. ati 5770, or wait a little longer for the ati 6xxx series and nvidia gts 450
  3. Quote:
    5850 is an awasome card.U can consider that.

    hmmm sure thanks :D i'll consider :P just to check though, is it considered expensive? :x
  4. hell_storm2004 said:
    What is your region and out of the two you selected, i would say GTX460 is definitely a way better option than the GTX260. But before that would like to know what PSU you have (brand and rating)?

    its kind of a stock PSU that came with the comp. my PSU currently is 250W :P i'll need to change the PSU too, but it'll depend on the GPU i'm changing to :) oh and i'm from Singapore, South East Asia :)
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    I'd recommend a 5750 or 5770 with a 500w PSU, this is a semi-cheap upgrade, and value for money.
  6. Thatbit dangerous... dont you think. I wont suggest running the newer cards to be run on the generic PSU's. I would say get VX550 from Corsair and and HD5770. But before that would like to know your complete budget for the upgrade?
  7. Ok, let me rephrase, Get a 500w Silverstone elements or similar(from other name brands, with good warranty's)

    Better :kaola:
  8. i'm definitely changing my PSU because almost every card requires more than my PSU capacity. i was looking at the 5770, but i realised performance wise, the gtx 460 in itself outperforms the 5770? is that true? i'm looking for a total budget of probably about S$400 (in Singapore dollars though) :x
  9. correction: i meant gtx 260 :P
  10. It's true, however the 5770 is cheaper, but it performs great for its price(149.99 ~ 159.99 USD,5770 Vs. 199.99 USD,460)

    In conversion I believe this equates to $204~$217 SGD versus $272 SGD.

    I was looking through the 501w~600w Modular power supply's on Newegg and this one came up, its roughly $89 SGD


    In the case of the 260, theres one here that comes in at the price point of the 5770, however it isn't Dx11 and it doesn't have modern features such as eyefinity

    And, last but most importantly it doesn't beat the 5770 according to this chart
  11. currently my country is selling the 5770 at about $269 SGD and the 460 is $389 SGD which is a major difference. hmmm so the 5770 is much more preferable for me :) thanks :) oh and the PSU looks AWESOME THANKS :DD

    oh and here is where i got the impression ><
  12. True, there are chances that may be the case in Starcraft II atleast, but the 5770 win on frame counts over all the resolutions and multiple games so you should be pretty fine in the future.

    And as for the pricing, I just grabbed the prices off newegg and calculated it into SGD via

    ~I'm from New Zealand so of course I use my local sites when doing my shopping.

    As a side note, Best answer please :ange:
  13. haha okay thanks :) i'll consider the 5770 :) oh btw, which do you recommend for the 5770? MSI, ASUS or XFX :x there seems to be only these 3 here :P
    oh and if i happen to be able to get the 460 on bargain, will it work on my comp specs? (assuming i changed my PSU) will it run smooth?
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  15. Awesome :) and as for the graphics card. Asus always comes first in my opinion, send me the links and i'll look them over. it's in english? correct? and if not, send me the model numbers and I'll have a go over.

    EDIT: as for the 460, it will run fine on that 550w modular;(or similar) Just make sure the Amps on the 12V rails are correct.
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