Gts 250 vs 9800gt sli??

trying to choose wiser deal:

MSI N9800GT-MD1G GeForce 9800 GT 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card:


PNY XLR8 VCGGTS2501LXPB GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card:

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  1. The GTS250's will always be a more powerful card than the 9800GT's but why would you want either of them now?
  2. +1

    the GTS250 is a little more powerful, but why not buy a 5 series card, or a GTX460?
  3. Agreed with mousemonkey, It's my recommendation that you upgrade to a 5750 or 5770. They are more powerful than a single GTS 250 and they have modern features such as eyefinity and Dx 11 Support.
  4. will look into it. looking to keep cost down, but still be decently competitive, not top notch. are they worth the deals?
  5. oh, and mobo supports sli not crossfire
  6. the gtx460 1gb is 230 dollars. same as you'd end up paying for your sli setup. its one of the best cards on the market. excellent performance (roughly in line with a 5850, maybe just behind) Dx11, good power consumption etc.

    I assume you already have a good PSU?
  7. purchasing an upgrade on that as well. lol

    oh, and with the rebates from pny, i can get the gts 250's for about $95 each (so about $190 total). i obviously cant afford sli gtx460 1gb's. how does one compare with the 2 250's?? is paying $40 more for one card vs. 2 via sli still worth it?

    also, just a clarification, the 9800 gt 1gb out of the question now????
  8. Yes. It was always better than the 250 anyways.
  9. oh, and the 9800's would be the same price after rebate as the 250s
  10. ok, new thoughts to look into. thanks. any other opinions or suggestions?
  11. An existing 8800/9800GT or GTS250 SLi setup is worth sticking with over the current GTX460 single card setup IMHO but SLi'd 460's would obviously be the better setup.
  12. Get the 460 Stand-alone. and hold on to the rest of your money, down the track you can buy another 460 when you feel you need to(and have saved up the extra money), or a new card from whatever new line is around at that point.
  13. Forget about SLIing old, weaker cards and get a GTX 460.
  14. looking into the 460. if finances dont provide the extra dough, can i assume everyone thinks the 250's are a wiser deal over the 9800's????
  15. yes. but really, ots worth the extra few dollars. Dx11 alone should sell it. but having greater expansion options and a quieter setup must also be a plus.
  16. ok, thank you guys for your thoughts and patience with a noob. i hope i can pull out a 460
  17. The GTS 250s that you linked cost $250. The two versions of the GTX 460 cost $200 and $230. Even with rebates taken into account this card is $10 cheaper than the GTS 250s would be;
    This is the card I would recommend though if you can afford it;
  18. Thats fine, It's always a pleasure to help 'noobs'; it makes me feel better than everyone else :P

    on a side note. Good luck!
  19. thanks
  20. Thats fine, once again. don't forget to select the best answer!
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