Please Help - GB-MA790FXT-UD5P Setting up Bios to use all SATA Ports

Hi all,

I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this as it's driving me a touch insane.

I've read through numerous threads trying to find an answer.

I have a GB 790FXT-UD5P (F6 Bios) and I'm trying to enable SATA Channels 4 and 5 so that I can add a few more HD's (At the moment I have an Optiarc DVD Writer connected to one of these ports and it works dandy)

I've read that these ports need to be setup as AHCI in the BIOS, which is easy enough, and that I'll need a complete re-install of Win7-64 to get it to work properly. Now this seems to be the way to go as when I set this up to AHCI windows refuses to boot (Blue screen then reset, which I was expecting to be honest), I'm assuming because the necessary drivers are missing and causes win7 to have a fit.

So I went back and told the bios to boot from CD to freshly install win7, however, it refuses to do so. The DVD drive is recognised in the new 'screen' that shows up during POST but won't recognise it to boot from, which is confusing the hell out of me.

Now the other way to do it I suppose is to set everything up in RAID, but I have zero experience in setting up a raid array.

So, I'm hoping that someone has acheived what I'm trying to do and can point me in the right direction to get it sorted.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. when boot up, press F12 to choose your DVD driver to boot up. then the systme will boot from your DVD drive to install Win7
  2. Hi again,

    Okay, so I've got the whole booting issue sorted.

    My next problem is I can't seem to get the 4 'white' SATA ports to recognise hard drives attached to them, either in BIOS or Windows.

    Here are my BIOS Settings.

    And here's what happens during POST

    The DVD Drive, as said before is connected to one of the four 'white (GSATA)' ports.

    In the last image, those 6 drives are connected to the Blue 'normal' SATA Ports.

    I've connected a 160Gb WD Green HD to another White port to test, but it doesn't show up anywhere.

    Does anyone have any insight?

  3. Hey Spud,
    I have the same motherboard so I pulled out the manual. Those are those are the Sata 6 ports that you are trying to use. They are not controlled by the Southbridge controller, but by Marvel 9128. Maybe in the bios you have to change something else to AHCI to get it to work?
    I didn't see anything else in there that would shed light to your problem.
  4. Heya Shane,

    Yep, I know, saw the same thing in the manual. This is really beginning to annoy me as I can't for the life of my figure out what's going on. :-/

  5. Can anyone help out? Maybe someone with a different 790FX board has got the GSATA ports working the way I need?

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