Top mount PSU case

Hi, I am currently shopping for a case with a top mounted psu and wondering if some people have some good ideas.
my system:
i7 950
sabretooth x58 mobo
evga 460 gtx
corsair tx650
(havent picked ram yet, will be some kind of gskill)
windows 7 pro
external sound card (profire 2626)


a couple cases i am interested in:

thermaltake armour+

silverstone kublai kl03

these are at the upper end of my price range (would prefer to spend less if i can)

i want something with:
-large interior for good airflow
-long enough to fit biggest possible graphics cards(for future upgrades)
-relatively quiet
-ability to turn off lights or no lights at all
-top mounted PSU
-no more than about $200 after tax, prefferably around $100 or less tho
-1394 would be prefferable on the front but not totally necesary
-dont need anything flashy
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  1. You know i posted something similar quite a while ago... nobody came up with anything... it was for a clients rig but needed a mid tower... I wanted to experiment having more air intakes and just one exhaust at the top to get positive pressure inside the case and this was possible only if the psu was at the top and there was atleast one air vent at the bottom...

    After some research i ended up choosing TT Armor+ MX though seriously considered the Silverstone Fortress FT02... the budget was around $100 and the silverstone was like $250+...
  2. Theres a few problems with top mounted psu. The first and main problem is about dust collection and heat issue. If you get a case with an exhaust (s) fan at top and at the back of the case and having the other fans blowing air inside is the best air flow for a case. Look for a case with the psu at the bottom. The fans inside the psu is not that good compare to fans that you can get for your case but make sure to have the fans facing the right way for the best air flow and try to put all of your cables at the back of the case for better management and air flow..
  3. Thats the setup i did... got the front 120mm and side 230 fans blowing in through dust filters in the vents... removed the rear fan and kept just the grill there... the psu fan pointing down towards the cpu cooler drawing in the and exhausting it out... Due to more intakes the extra air is then pushed out through all possible vents available from inside the case... you can literally feel the air being pushed out at the top and rear without the need of an extra exhaust other than the psu's...
  4. its not a bad setup but the problem with that is that the air filters are hard on your fans and reduces the fan speed by up to 50%. The psu up top prevents it from a good air flow.
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