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Would I be safe to expect the Tuniq Tower 120 to cool my AMD 1090T 6-core to 4.0 GHz (from native 3.2 GHz). Right now I do not have time to play with liquid cooling nor do I wish to have any more bad experiences with the Corsair H50. :sarcastic:

I have a Tuniq Tower 120 on my #2 computer which is not overclocked (AMD 1055T 6-core) and like it. Quieter than quiet.
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    You have it and it's still a pretty good cooler can't hurt to try, what's the worst that can happen, you get 3.6-3.8 instead?
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  3. Yeh, that makes sense. Besides, since I posted, I have been reading how many are getting 4.0+ and that the Tuniq nicely compares and even beats some liquid cooling.

    So thank you, my friend. :)
  4. The h50 won't be much better maybe worse, good luck.
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