I built a custom tower for gaming and video editing. I am running an i7 3550K chip with 32GB of memory and 64 Bit Windows 7 Pro OS. Along with that drive I put in a 3TB hard drive to store all the apps and files on. I have been very careful about installing applications on the SSD, yet the drive is almost full. The only apps besides the OS that were installed on the SSD are your standard internet security and virus protection apps. Apps such as Office were installed on the alternate drive.

1) Any ideas on where I can/should look to reduce the amount of space being used on that SSD?
2) Another thought I had was to buy a 256GB SSD and take the 128GB SSD and use it for the Home Media server I am building that will just be running MS Windows 7 Pro and the XBMC media server.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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    Disable hibernate, it is using 32GB of space to reserve room for your 32GB of memory.

    Disabling system restore and moving your pagefile to the HDD are also good ideas covered in the guide above.
  2. Dude! You rock! Thanks so much for that link. I followed the advice and now not only is my SSD screaming, I've gone from 6GB of free speace to 65GB of free space!
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