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Hey guys,

I need help from a true geek here. I picked up a 256GB Sandisk SSD for cheap ($135), but although it is compatible with SATA3, it is not the "extreme" model. Sandisk published read/write speeds as 490/350 MB/s ( but random IOPS listed on the Sandisk website are the lowest I've seen on the market (2000). I'm not sure what these ratings actually mean for my everyday use. And unfortunately I haven't seen this drive used in any third-party benchmarking (although I know the extreme model gets good reviews for price/performance ratio). My intent is to use the ssd as a replacement for the 160 GB 5400 HDD in my macbook (which is almost full) and have a little extra kick for editing photos and home videos. For these uses, can I expect the SSD to be a major improvement? Is the price/performance ratio good?

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  1. While I don't use Mac's the difference should be night and day for any IO based work you do like loading files and video editing. Your coming from a 5400 rpm based HD which is very slow even moving to a 7200 rpm HD would show great improvement. Just keep the drive you bought I'm sure you will be happy with the results.
  2. With Crucial M4 256GB and Mushin enhanced chronos deluxe selling for $210 and $180 a piece each, you have a bargain SSD. As Ikaz advised, your SSD performance would be far superior to your current HDD. I do not know if it would be stable and reliable.

    I could not find any review of this SSD except the following:
  3. Thanks Ikaz and SSri for taking a few minutes to reply. You've given me confidence to give this new SSD a go...
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