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Which sub vendor is best for hd5770

i am replacing my msi5770pmd1g its under warranty and they are refunding and thus i want get another hd5770 and i want this time to make sure i get the best of the 5770 card which have a good warranty and i ll love if it has 2 dvi port as msi5770pmd1g has only 1 dvi
guys i need your help
which subvendor should i get?
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  1. I use and prefer Sapphire and Gigabyte GPUs. I have also used Asus and been happy as well. I suggest the following Sapphire HD5770. Good luck!!
  2. XFX offer longer warranty from the others...

    plus, it blow the hot air out back, make temps cooler... :)
  3. COLGeek said:
    I use and prefer Sapphire and Gigabyte GPUs. I have also used Asus and been happy as well. I suggest the following Sapphire HD5770. Good luck!!

    thanx for your feedback buddy but 1 more thing which among the 5770 card is best cooled in stock
    subvendor and model plz
    thnx again buddy
  4. its of ice q his
  5. The best HD5770 with the best cooling is actually the other MSI version of the card, the Hawk;
    It also is the only HD5770 I know of that allows for voltage modification of the core for the highest overclocking ability.
    This card also gets good reviews for its cooling;
    and the Sapphire Vapor-X is good as well.
  6. i would refer to xfx as it provides lifetime warranty
    but again xfx xxx series are factory overclocked and it is not worth buying it as we could overclock ourself if desired
    and again i am confused if all the xfx card of same chip but different design are same technically
    guys are they same or not?
  7. The lifetime warranty is mostly a marketing gimmick imo. Most cards have 3 year warranties and that more than covers the average useful lifespan of a video card. For example 3 years ago a $150-180 card would have been something along the lines of an 8800GTS 640mb. If you still had one now it would be a mediocre card for low resolutions and you likely would have already replaced it and if not then its warranty running out and it breaking would just be a looked at as a good excuse to finally get something better.
    As for your other question not just all the XFX HD5770s have the same processor but all of the HD5770s in general are the same processor. Physically the cards differ only based on cooling and perhaps a factory OC which, as you point out, isn't worth paying extra for. The cooling is actually more important as to how fast you can get the card to run which is why I listed the cards with the best cooling. That Hawk card in particular seems very good for OCing with a lot of people getting it up to 1000-1050mhz.
    Another option would be spending bit more for a better card. The GTX 460 in particular would be something to look at and a nice step up from the HD5770. It can also OC a very large amount, 30-35% even on the reference cooler.
  8. i m not against you but if i m sticking with this card i mean xfx 5770 and no more further upgrades (upgrades may be on other system) then i could get my card repaired for more than any other card than this might be the best choice for me isnt it?
    and one more thing msi card have only 1 dvi port and if i would like to try eyefinity without xfire than its not possible with msi
    and yeah will xfx provide me full lifetime warranty?
  9. If you really want the lifetime warranty for some reason then go for it I guess. As for the two DVI port thing it doesn't matter as much as you think. An HDMI to DVI adapter would cost about $5.
  10. thanx for your response buddy
    but thwn what can we do with the DisplayPort
  11. Well, you will need to use the display port with an adapter to get eyefinity working on any card(unless you actually have a display port monitor.) They are more expensive($25 or so I think) and only certain ones work so you'll have to look it up when the time comes.
  12. than thus that means that i cant try eyefinity in only one card until and unless i use the display port ?
  13. Yes, or an adapter for it.
  14. then i ll see the same thing on both moniters if i use the two dvi ports?
  15. then i ll see the same thing on both the monitor's if i use the two dvi ports?
  16. No, you can use an extended desktop for two monitors. Any video card from like the last 5 years can handle 2 monitors. Eyefinity is using 3 or more.
    I wouldn't game on two monitors however. The gap/bezels would be straight down the middle of the screen.
  17. now i got it clear
    but if the card has two dvi ports then in total it 4 ports then atleast 1 port onboard (motherboard) therefore 5 ports or even more than how many monitors can we use there?
  18. Best answer
    I believe the onboard should be able to handle two screens on its own(I wouldn't game on them) and the card can handle 3, one of which must use the display port.
    If you would like to actually game on three monitors at once I would recommend getting at least an HD5850 to be honest. An HD5770 can handle it but you would have to turn the setting down a lot to get decent frame rates because of the high resolution.
  19. thanx buddy
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