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I am trying to format my 1tb external hard drive to fat32 so I can use it with my ps3, when I formatted it the memory dropped to 144gb of free memory. Where did the rest of my memory go?
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  1. You should free up your drive regularly in the future:
    1. Do regular scan to keep your drive clean.
    2. Show all your hidden files and folders to free up your drive: Start=> Run=>Enter “control folders” in the blank and click “Ok”=>Choose “View” on the appearing “Folder Options” interface=> Select “show hidden files and folders”.
    3. Format your drive.
    4. Ask a specialist for help.
  2. the max size for fat 32 is 32gb i thought with a max file size of 4gb? also supposibly the max your ps3 will read is 250gb as well? im not sure how you can get a drive to format over that size limitation such as sony does? id say just creat a 250gb partition and the rest in the other partition
  3. The Max volume size for fat 32 is 2tb the max file size is 4gb. However windows will not format a partition larger than 32GB with a fat 32 file system. To format the entire disk with fat 32 you will need to use third party disk maniagment software that will allow you to format the complete volume of the disk as fat 32.

    look at and try this site.
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