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I turned on the PC today and then started to walk away. It started to boot and then beeped really fast (not sure how many times but somewhere around 8-10). Something also popped up on the screen but I was across the room and it was gone by the time I got back to the machine.

Then the screen went blank and the fans all ran at high speed (normally they start at this speed and then slow down during the boot process).

Now when I turn it on, there are no beeps, and nothing comes up on screen. The fans run fast and never slow down. It doesn't even get to the BIOS prompt.

I'm not sure about the beeps since it doesn't beep each time.

I've swapped and re-seated each stick of memory. I've unhooked the extra hard drive, the extra video card, and the DVD-RW to lift strain off of the power supply (in case it's degraded).

I removed the CMOS battery in order to reset the CMOS settings.

I'm trying everything easy first even though it's not the proper troubleshooting order. I don't have a spare power supply big enough to handle the components so I'm hoping it's not the problem.

Relevant Components:

EVGA 780i SLI Mainboard
Q6600 Quad Core CPU
8 GB PC2-6400 RAM
2 NVIDIA 9800GTX+ Video Cards

I'm stumped. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm having the same problem. Well I guess from here on you can start trying to figure out which component within your system is causing the motherboard to fail its POST. What I did was I removed all of the extra things like the HDD and DVD drives and just kept the essentials: the memory, motherboard, and CPU. With just the essentials, your system should at least boot up. Though in the case that it doesn't then you can start testing if its either a.) the memory or b.) the motherboard and cpu. What you can do is remove the memory sticks and turn on your computer without any RAM installed. What should happen is the motherboard should start beeping indicating that the RAM is not installed. However, this tells you that the CPU and the motherboard are working because the motherboard can't beep without the CPU. Though if you still don't get any sound then you have narrowed it down to either the CPU or the motherboard. At that point, I think it's best if you find a spare CPU and test it out. Good luck!
  2. It turned out to be either the Mainboard grounding out or possibly a bad solder connection (that was being ground out when my mainboard flexed). I removed the mainboard cleaned the case and then reseated the mainboard.

    It worked after that.
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