Having graphical issues and I cant find the culprit

I recently purchased a new monitor/tv to enjoy the fruits of my labor and have been experiencing severe screen tearing and lagging framerates whenever I attempt to play games.

My monitor is 32LD550. I know its a TV, and if that is the simple answer then I will go on my merry way and attempt to find a decently priced LCD in the range I want. But, I have a feeling that isn't the issue.

My previous monitor was a LG 21 inch LCD that just keeps giving me issues now after 4 years. Native resolution was 1600x1200.

My system is as follows:

I7 920@2.67GHz
Asus P6T Deluxe with X58 Chipset
6G of triple channel OCZ ram PC3-8500F (533 MHz)

3DMark Score
P16697 3DMarks
CPU Score
Graphics Score

This is connected to my monitor through a HDMI cable because the TV itself doesn't support DVI.

The issues I'm experiencing are as follows:

Starcraft 2 (Ultra or High settings)- Heavy screen tearing, constant, anytime I scroll vertically or move quickly from point A to B.

World of Warcraft (High to Medium settings)- Extreme slowdown when viewing multiple other players.

Crysis (Medium settings): Artifacts popping up as well as screen tearing and visual glitches where the trees/buildings flicker into and out of normal space.

Sins of a Solar Empire(High Settings)- Screen tearing

As a note all of these effects are abnormal compared to my old monitor and I used my roomates monitor as a control during my testing.
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  1. Are you setting the TV's AV Mode to Game or leaving it at cinematic?

    The TV is 120Hz, you might make sure you are not leaving the games capped at 60Hz in the settings.

    Are you setting the games to 1920x1080 (native resolution)?
  2. I set it to Game mode then adjusted the settings to make it feel as close to normal as possible. I still need to tweak it a bit, but its pretty good balance wise now.

    The 120Hz situation I cant figure out. My display drivers wont let me access anything above 60, and my settings in each game wont allow me to go beyond 60Hz as well. I find it annoying that I don't have total control over the monitor yet, because I feel like its just not letting me adjust certain things.

    I do have it set at desktop 1920x1080, and made sure to double check that each game was set to the correct resolution as well.

    As an update with messing around, I found that CS:Source and HL2 do not exhibit the same issues as the other games, and I still don't know why.

    I enabled V-sync in each game and turned it off to see if there was a difference and I didn't notice one.
  3. Its sounding like a driver problem now. Did you get display drivers for the TV? Maybe there are updated ones on the web?

    I wonder if game mode sets the TVs frequency to 60.
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