4 pin CPU connector in 3 pin Mobo connector

I just got a new old CPU the AMD Athlon 5600+ and the Heatsink has a 4pin and my mobo is only a 3 pin now i know the SMART CPU control thing but i don't want my CPU fan running at full RPM all the time is their anyway i can make this 4 pin to work like my old 3 pin heatsink so only run full RPM when needed?
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  1. thank you for the reply but i don't think i will do that. i have an older 3pin heatsink for the Athlon 3800+ would that work for the 5600+?
  2. I belive you can buy a connector that makes a 4 pin to a 3 pin and you should still have the speed controll
  3. No, a 3 pin fan does not offer PWM speed control. The 3 wires are the Vcc (red), Speed Sense (Yellow) and Ground (black). The 3 pin fan will plug into the 4 pin header on the board, however, the board won't be able to control fan speed via PWM if it's a 3 wire fan.
  4. Alright, so it'll either full speed or do what dadiggle said... how about my older 3 pin heatsink that seemed to run faster/slower with higher or lower load could i use that instead?
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