Real temp of my cpu, and is this normal?

Hi all, escuse my poor english. I need your help, i dont know what is the "real" temp of my cpu (like the most people reffer it like "idle = xx, full= xx"). In Everest and HWmonitor, i have 2 diferents temps like this pictures:

- CPU temp

- CORE temps

Which one is the "real temp", the "CPU temp" or the "CORE temp"??

Are this temps ok for my Phenom II X4 965 (C3) no OC, in a HAF 922 and AMD stock cooler??

Thanks all
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  1. The CPU temp is the temperature reported by a sensor chip on the motherboard and that is why it is listed under the motherboard's sensor tree list. This is the temperature you usually see in the hardware monitoring screen in the BIOS Setup.

    The Core temperatures are reported by the temperature diodes on the CPU's silicon die and that's why they appear under the CPU's sensor tree list.

    Those temperatures are fine for a CPU under full load with a stock cooler.
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