What is the bottle neck

On my pc (pre-built but upgraded) i have:
amd athlon II x4 620 @2.6
8 gigs ddr2
nvidia gt 240 ddr3 1 gig
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  1. That would depend on what you are trying to do with it and what resolution your monitor needs.
  2. my res is 1600x900 and gaming and Photoshop/3d modeling
  3. The CPU might slow you down a bit in 3D modeling. Or intensive strategy games.

    The GPU could be upgraded for gaming in general. GTX 460 1GB would be about as far as you need to go.
  4. thank!!
  5. I have a 500 psu is that good?
  6. See the PSU guide linked in my sig. That will give you a better answer.
  7. what is the GTX 460 1GB power usage
  8. Non-overclocked will not exceed 14 amps. 155W seems to be the max recorded:

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